Seven Reasons to Become a CFR Research Associate

  1. Help in recruitment of participants
    For some research projects participant recruitment can be a major obstacle.  Due to its collaborations with community organizations located in diverse urban centers and rural environments the CFR may be able to facilitate access to a broader population of potential participants.
  2. Help in establishing community partners
    Often funding agencies require collaborations between researchers and community agencies. The CFR with its expanding network of community partners may be able to facilitate those relationships.
  3. Expand potential funding sources
    Private foundations are often overlooked sources for funding among researchers.  This may be due to foundations often looking to invest in a program that has direct impact in the community. Researchers can be involved in the evaluation component of program funded by a foundation and still include measures that further their interests in a given topic. 
  4. Access to data sets
    The CFR is gathering data sets from its research associates and others who wish to allow access to their data and placing these data sets on the OSU-Tulsa server.  In this way other researchers and students interested in publishing off of these data may contact the Research Associate responsible for the data and work toward a collaborative relationship that is mutually beneficial.  The original research team maintains rights to the data and is the only grantor of access.  Providing exposure to multiple data sets will increase traffic to our site and will invite colleagues and students from OSU and other institutions interested in these topics to approach CFR Research Associates to collaborate with them in publishing from their data.
  5. Interdisciplinary collaboration
    The CFR will facilitate interdisciplinary possibilities through exposure on our website, conferences, and workgroups.
  6. Help with data collection
    Student affiliates and community partners will often be able to help with data collection to facilitate the work of research projects.
  7. Access to CFR resources
    The CFR has resources such as physical space in Tulsa, scanner for easy data entry and more!